Calsiplus Information

Foliar fertilization is the most effective way of providing
plants with nutrients and microelements.

Calsiplus is an 100 % natural effective unique foliar fertilizer providing the plants with essential nutrients like calcium, silicium, magnesium and some essential microelements. Calciplus is 100% natural and chemical-free and non-carcinogenic which is micronized with ADMT “Advanced Dynamic Micronization Technology”. Calsiplus product formulation, innovative special production process and brand, and formulation patents are protected all over the world.

Technical Specifications

Calcium Oxide (CaO), Silicium Dioxide (SiO2), Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and Micro Nutrients


CaO;   36,00 %
SiO2;   12,00 %
MgO;   2,00 %
Fe2O3;   1,35 %
Na2O;   1,23 %
K2O;   0,81 %
*These specifications are the minimum values.


Zn 45 mg/kg
Mn 20 mg/kg
Cu 13,2 mg/kg
Mo 0,04 mg/kg

CALCIUM (Ca) and its function:

• Accelerates cell division.
• Lowers the risk of frost.
• Stimulates enzymes.
• Accelerates germination.
• Protects plants against some diseases.
• Enhances cell and root development.
• Enhances product durability and extends shelf life.
• Promotes root growth, color, flavor, and quality.

Why foliar application:

Calcium is a stationary element both in soil and plants. Calcium uptake from roots is very low in soil applications. Therefore, foliar fertilization is the most efficient way of providing the plant with calcium. Calcium does not move from old to new plant tissues, and fruits. Therefore, foliar feeding is necessary during formation and development of fruits.

SILICIUM (SiO2) and its function:

• Protects plants against stress (diseases and pests, some elements in excess, too much salt etc.).
• Pests (insects) cannot penetrate the cuticula strengthened with silicon easily.
• Straightened leaves utilize light better and increase the rate of photosynthesis. This results in increased Brix.
• It is used as a fertilizer for paddy in Japan and Korea, and for other plants in Brazil, Australia, India, and S. Africa.

MAGNESIUM (MgO) and its function:

The outstanding role of magnesium in photosynthesis is as a constituent of the chlorophyll molecule. It is very mobile in plants and translocated from older to younger leaves. So, deficiency symptoms appear first on the oldest tissues.


Calsiplus is applied in the form of 0.2 % dispersion to leaves. (200 g in 100 liters of water)


Calsiplus dispersion is sprayed in the form of a fine fog on plants only in the early morning or late afternoon.


Calsiplus absorption after 15 minutes. All nutrients are immediately available


• Calsiplus is in powder form activated and micronized by ADMT technology.
• Calsiplus mechanism of action is very fast.
• Calsiplus is applied as % 0.2 dispersion and entering the leaves through the stomata.
• All these nutrients are immediately available to the plants.
• The result is an increased photosynthesis and a strong and healthy growth of the plants.

ADMT processed nutrients are immediately available to the plants which is very essential for healthy growth. Calsiplus particles enter the plants quickly through the stomata and are gradually split into Carbon dioxide (CO2), boosting photosynthesis, Calcium oxide (CaO) and Silicium dioxide (SiO2), very important nutrients in the vegetative phase for the growth of cells and for the protection against stress, Magnesium oxide (MgO) essential for the formation of chlorophyll, and some trace elements.

The Role of Increased Carbon Dioxide:

Carbon dioxide (CO2) plays a very important role in the growth of plant and is one of the most important essential nutrients. All other nutrients or fertilizers are secondary. Without CO2 all other nutrients or fertilizers are of no use. Under present conditions they manage an up-take from the atmosphere of maximal 360-380 ppm. For an optimal photosynthesis and growth plants need a Carbon dioxide supply of about 1000 ppm. Carbon dioxide is the basic ‘food’ of nearly all plants. For a 300 ppm increase in the ambient CO2 concentration of the present level of about 380 ppm, the productivity of herbaceous plants rises by the order of 30-50% (Kimball, 1983, Idso, 1994) In addition, elevated ambient CO2 typically increases plant nutrient-use efficiency in general (nitrogen-use efficiency in particular), as well as water-use efficiency.

Crops % Biomas Increase
Rise 35,7
Tea 44,2
Natural Rubber 44,2
Coffee 175,5
Tomatoes 37,4
Grape 68,2

Mean percentage yield increase produced by a 300 ppm increase in atmospheric CO2 in crops. (Figures from Center for Study of Carbon dioxide and Global Change, 2011)

Physiological Effects

• Enlargement of chloroplasts (improvement of photosynthetic activity)
• Increased protein synthesis (increased metabolic activity)
• Increased amount of polyphenols

Better Resistance Against Stress

Better resistance towards physiological stress (hydro, heat stress) due to antioxidant and water preserving activity of Calsiplus


• Increased growth speed
• Higher metabolic activity
• Increased fruit size
• More efficient nutrient transport
• Increased overall fruit yield
• Healthy seeds for the next crop

After applying Calsiplus plants are well balanced in their pH value, increased nutrient uptake results in healthy plants which do not attract Pest and Disease. This observation has been seen and recorded in particularly by the rice farmers.

Calsiplus relieves the plants of all kinds of biotic and abiotic stress!

High Resistance Against Pest

• After applying Calsiplus increased nutrient uptake results in healthy plants which do not attract pest and disease.
• Calsiplus relieves the plants of all kinds of biotic and abiotic stress.
• Calsiplus provide improved resistance against pest, funghi and diseases.

High Resistance Against Fungal Disease

Leaf of a Rose Apple tree severely infected with fungus

Leaf applied 0,4 % Calsiplus after 5 days

Chemical free Farming with CALSIPLUS

These are typical pest damages on cabbage

By applying Calsiplus as replacement for chemical products, the result is a reduction of damages in cabbage of more than 80 %!

Chemical free Cauliflower and cabbage with Calsiplus


• Significant increase in dry matter content
• Prolonged freshness of fruit and transport resistance
• Increase in plant secondary metabolites (flavonoids, tannins, lignins, fatty acids)
• Increase in healthy nutrients content (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, good fatty acids)
• improved organoleptic qualities and coloration, better taste
• Higher BRIX value

Increased Brix index
Results and Applications Examples

• Very strong and healthy growth
• Highly resistant plants against all kind of biotic and abiotic stress
• Significant higher yield
• Natural top-quality produce
• Reduced costs by saving of chemicals
• Higher income for the farmers

Suits All Vegetables
Çeltik Uygulaması

• Üründe %30-70’e varan hasat artışı
• Büyüme süresinde %20 kısalma
• Zararlılara, mantar ve diğer hastalıklara karşı direncin artması
• Ürün kaybında ve pestisit kullanımında önemli ölçüde azalma

Rice statistic at random on 25 Jul- 2014 ( 76 DTP)
Type of count Control Calsiplus
Number of clump 2 2
Number of plant 30 41
Number of Pinnacle 14 38
Mısır Uygulaması

Visual observation:
• Corn seeds are bigger in
size, corn is wider and longer.
• The weight of 2 corn reaches 1 kg.
• A consistent corn size helped to optimize the yield.
• Increased harvest yield in average up to 30%.

Use in Banana

The test in a banana plantation near Phetchaburi in Thailand proved the efficacy of Calsiplus in promoting healthy growth and earlier development of blossoms and fruits. The plants were sprayed first time at the age of 2 months and then every 3 weeks.

The control plants had not yet developed any blossoms. 6 of the Calsiplus treated plants had developed already banana bunches by that time. An earlier, bigger and premium quality harvest is expected thanks to Calsi plus.

Use in Potato

The picture shows the potatoes treated 3 times with Calsiplus and the un-treated control tubers, the difference is obvious. Calsiplus treated potatoes have more equal size and similar shape. Tuber color was lighter.

As these tubers of Calsiplus treated potatoes vary according to size, color and form, even bigger is the difference by taste and nutritive value. Calsiplus treated potato tubers contain 20 % more dry matter than untreated tubers resulting in a longer shelf life and much better processing.


Results are a significant improvement of:
• Total weight index
• Content of anthocyanes
• Weight of the berries
• Sugar content of the berries
• Potential for degree
• Maintenance of the pH
• Equivalent level in total acidity
• Resistance against powdery mildew

Use in Tobacco

• Yield green leaves: + %38,49
• Cost of farming: - %27,58
• Green-dry leaves: %6,7
• Profitability: + %66,07

EFFECTS OF Calsiplus

• Standard: 7-8 fingers/leaf
• Maximum 9 fingers
• With Calsi plus 10 fingers
• More root development.
• Age of plant: 3 months